At House on the Hill Preschool Children Learn Valuable Lessons

By nature, children are curious beings. They enjoy exploring all that this world has to offer them. They thrive when exposed to a variety of different things. Each and every thing that they do on a day to day basis can be turned into a learning experience. This is the premise of Montessori learning and something that we fully understand. At House on the Hill, preschool children learn valuable lessons that are based on this natural curiosity and their love of fun.

Lessons In Life

If you could see the world through a child’s eyes, you would be just as delighted by learning as they are. Every smell is new and exciting. Every texture is something to explore. Rocks, leaves, and even mudpies are a lesson that will carry them through their journey into adulthood. Most all these things will be learned within the first five years of life. As a parent, you may know that it is important for you to keep the curiosity up for your child and expose them to everything that you can.

However, as your child grows and all the little lessons have been learned, you must then find new ways to help them explore. With Montessori programs, your child will learn to discover the world in a whole new way.

The Big Picture

Your child’s curiosity should be encouraged at all times. However, as they enter into the preschool phase, it becomes more important that they know how to handle themselves in social situations. They need this knowledge so that they can thrive in school. You will also need to turn their curiosity toward gaining more knowledge about math, phonics, and other subjects. For many parents, this is a little difficult. Kids would rather play with toys than learn their ABCs. They would rather watch television than learn how to tie their shoes. Play with phones or tablets rather than study patterns. This is fine. It is normal. Your child is not behind because of it. You just have to discover how to redirect that energy.

We Can Help

At House on the Hill, we take a child’s love of playtime and turn it into a game that they can learn from. We have a professional team that can encourage your child to learn valuable life lessons that will carry them through while having fun. It is based on Montessori and all kids love this learning approach.

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