Why Soccer is Such a Popular Sport for All Ages

From school yards to professional stadiums, there is a game being played that everyone loves. It is the game of soccer. It has a unique history and can be traced back to B.C. times. It has not always been a friendly sport and in some areas it was even banned by many because of the violence it would bring out in the players. However, with all of that, it is a game that everyone has seemed to embrace.

With the severity of injuries during the past, it is kind of surprising to most people that now it is considered one of the safest sports around. The ones who play it do not have to worry about major injuries like those who play football games, which is very similar to soccer. Players do not have to be large, they do not have to have a dominating presence, but they do need to be athletic. As an added twist, the very violent sport of past soccer games has now become a sport where everyone is friendly. Opposing teams shake hands and because it is a true team sport, anyone can make the goal.

If you are wondering why it is so popular, you need not look very hard. A player can do amazing things with a ball. There are tricks that can be performed, right in the middle of a game. A player may catch and hold the ball for a short time behind their knee or on their shoulder. They may kick the ball while doing a backflip to get it into the goal.

There is also minimal equipment necessary to play. You need something that can serve as a goal area, good shoes with cleats, and a ball. That is basically it, unless you want to get into comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Due to the fact that not much is needed to play, a soccer game can take place anywhere and most kids start out playing in their back yard or the local park. Those same kids have the chance to grow up and play it professionally.

Soccer is a global sport with massive popularity everywhere and though there may not be one definitive, “this is why we love it” answer, the truth is, it does not matter. It is just a great sport that has a long history and more fans than most of us can imagine.

The Rules of Soccer and Why Hands Are Not Allowed

The soccer that we know and enjoy today is a relatively modern game. It is a game where players must avoid touching the ball with their hands, but most other areas of the body are allowed. Many question why this is the way the game is played, but if you look back in history, it may be relatively easy to figure out. Back when soccer first started out as a game that people simply had to get the ball to the goal using whatever means necessary, it was not exactly a safe game to play.

Hands were used to hold the ball while players would gouge eyes and bite. It was a very rough and tumble sport that caused many severe injuries. There are places within the world that it even became outlawed because of the injuries and the distractions that it posed. However, this does not mean that the game became less popular. When one area would forbid it to be played, it would gain popularity in another area.

Beyond that, each team in any one particular area, all had their own rules. College campuses after soccer came to America would each have their own set of rules for the game. Some would play with hands; some would play without. Some of the teams would have several players on a team while others had only a few. There were people who played on a large playing field and others had a substantially smaller field. All of the different ideas of what and how soccer should be played, made it hard for people to play it on a professional level, much less play against other areas.

The rules of soccer came into play because the game honestly needed it. It was and still is a very popular sport in most all areas of the world. Today, it is played by kids at school and adults on a professional level. Both men and women play it. Without the rules being put into place, the game that we know and love would not exist today and that would be horrible considering the amount of people who enjoy the game.

The History of Soccer and How It Came to America

The history of soccer is very interesting. There is some proof that people enjoyed kicking balls around as far back as 1004 B.C, when people would use animal hide to make their ball. It was played on a very small field and there were not very many rules regarding how to play it. Your sole purpose was to get the ball from here to there.

Throughout history, there is some indication that during certain time periods, biting, gouging, and all other rough stuff was allowed during game play. There is also proof that it was at one time banned because it became too violent a sport and because it posed a distraction for the military during that time period, which was around the mid-1300s and early 1400s.

As times continued to change, so too did soccer. The rules of the game changed to prevent the rougher play, the playing field expanded a little, and other changes took place. These new rules, which came about in the Mid-1800s denied players the ability to handle the ball. It made it so that the ball had to be kicked, kneed, head-butted, or any other type of contact, but no hands could touch it.

In the United States, soccer has a questionable start. Some say the Native Americans and the Pilgrims all played a game that involved kicking a ball toward a goal of some kind. However, the game that we know as soccer was brought into the states possibly as early as the 1850s, but this would have been before the change. It would have allowed players to touch the ball with their hands. The hands free version of soccer most likely came to the US during the 1870s.

Colleges across the US were the first to really play soccer. There were different rules for each college and there was no set limit to how many players could be on the field. It was dependent on the college. Some would have a lot of players on a single team. Some colleges allowed hands, while others did not.

From the college campuses, soccer spread out into the working class families. Then, came the establishment of a national organizing association. It allowed there to be a difference between amateur players and professional, established better, wider spread rules, and turned the sport of soccer into what it is today.

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